Who is Eudora? And how to defeat this hero?!

Are you Mobile Legends fans or player then you must be know about this hero. Yes this is Eudora, the mage (The magician). And just read this carefully and you’ll get information how to defeat this hero much more easy.

Eudora is a mage with three skills that all provide magic-based damage with terrible power. His passive ability, superconductor, makes the enemy hit by his lightning strike weak. It enables Eudora to give the next combo of lightning attacks even more dazzling.

The best item that supports Eudora is the set of items that give it a chance to do burst damage. It allows him to kill enemies in an attack combo only. Eudora also has the ability to give stun to an enemy named Forked Lightning. The stun effect will increase when the target is in the superconductor effect. It eases Eudora to finish off his opponent.

In the game, Eudora usually uses Battle Spell to survive like Flicker or Healing. He was always behind Tanker or Fighter, so he was difficult to target at the beginning. Curious how to beat it? Consider the following tips to beat Eudora following.

Eudora has the same weakness as most mage. He does have a lot of deadly magic attacks, but he also has many weaknesses. Here is a weakness of Eudora’s figure:

  • A mage has thin HP, so does Eudora. It has a thin HP, so it’s easy to get killed with the correct skill combos.
  • Eudora’s mobility is minimal. He only relies on Flicker as an additional spell to move quickly.
  • To kill, he relies heavily on the skills he has.

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April 26, 2017

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